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Welcome to the

Marietta Johnson School of Education, located in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama.

  "Where Learning is Living, and Living is Learning!"

We are a private school, founded in 1907 and still going strong! Check out our History page to learn more about how we got started.

Folks are often surprised that our school is so old. They think the Organic part of our name is a result of the back to nature movement of the 60's and 70's and are amazed when told that Mrs. Johnson chose the term to describe her philosophy of teaching.

Today's students learn concepts in much the same way as Mrs. Johnson's students did. We observe nature, record what we learn, and utilize reference materials to confirm our findings rather than study a textbook that describes nature. Our mornings are crammed with learning experiences so that we may spend our afternoons engaging in music, drama, art, ceramics, and dance. Check out our Classes!

We are now teaching third and fourth generations of local families. A recurring theme among current students and alumni alike is their enthusiasm for being at school. Many of our students arrive early and complain that they have to leave when the final bell rings. Summer vacations are viewed as an inconvenient pause in the learning process. I hope you will learn something new while visiting our website.

Contact us for more information, or stop by anytime to see our school!


Our Concept:

1. We respect a child's individual learning style and
         pattern of growth.

     2. We encourage children to experience the world by trying
         new tasks and ideas, experimenting and experiencing with
         all their senses.

     3. Rather than requiring traditional tests, examinations and  
         pressure to achieve an adult-designed goal, we allow freedom
         in approaching learning experiences according to the individual
         child's needs.

     4. We strive to create an atmosphere that promotes the desire
        to learn by offering a flexible, free-flowing structure, adaptable
        to each child's needs.

                  In Organic Education it is possible - even natural -
         for a student to challenge assumptions in order to absorb
                                        new information.

Organic Education asserts that education is life.

Quick Notes -

Current &Upcoming Events

(check out our Events & Festivals pages for more info, as well as the 2014-15 School Calendar)
No School
Monday, Jan. 19th
King/Lee Holiday

Tuesday Jan. 20th
Pancake/Pajama Day
and Mr. Caterpillars birthday
Spring Music Festival &
2015 Ford Fusion Draw-Down

March 20th and 21st
at the Fairhope
 American Legion Post 199

400 Draw-Down tickets being sold at $100 each.
Call the school to get yours now--


Check out our Fall Festival 2014
Gallery of pictures!

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